Baumgarten's "Bar"

Baumgarten’s Bar got its name from William “Bill” Baumgarten and the resort he built.

Baumgarten’s “Resort” was located on the hill to the east of Baumgartens Sand Bar.

The breakwaters on either side of the beach can still be seen as well as the old boat canal.

The resort operated from the 1940’s until 1992.

The Resort was started by William & Mae Baumgarten, then Later owned by John & Ruth McGilligan, and the last owners were Walt & Diana Robb.

Recordings from the 1970's

Warning the recordings below could contain graphic and/or inappropriate language.
Lots of alcohol involved. It was the 70's!

John McGilligan Talking with Carl Wirth about Sale of the Resort to Walt Robb – 1976
Early Days of the Hayward youth Hockey Team, Duluth TV, More audio from Baumgarten’s. Little Debbie Snack Cakes LOL!
John talking about Walt Robb and the Sale of Resort -1976
Gangster, Indians, and Tourists – Recorded from the radio on tape from a Hayward Radio station -1977
Summer of 1976 (a grandfather missing his grandchildren) Beer can collecting, cb radios, outboards, fishing and more
1976 – 60 years old… 1967 Buick goes to the garage and grandpa gets a new calculator! Jimmy Carter, Ford, Nixon! KNL6964 CB and Ham radio chatter
Baumgarten's Resort beach