Fishing Reports



Walleye are still a bit scattered but with colder weather on the way they may start congregating along the deeper edges and holes. Larger fatheads and sucker minnows are starting to become the norm for bait. There are still a few guys using crawlers but more fishermen are using minnows.


The Musky are active on a variety of baits. Suckers are still very scarce. We apologize but the sucker situation at the moment is looking very grim. At this point it is week to week. Other good alternatives to sucker fishing however is vertical jigging or casting rubber baits, and of course trolling. Trolling is going to be a go to for most fishermen if suckers remain to be scarce.


Crappie are still in and around Moore's Bay from the looks of things but it seems there are only certain time frames throughout the day when they are active. Crappie Minnows and Gulp! Minnows have been very popular baits of choice.


Temperatures are starting to cool of a bit! Starting tomorrow (Friday) and all through next week we will see most highs in the 40s. This coming Saturday we are expecting a high of 38 with some light snow showers in the forecast. Most lows in the coming week are looking to range in the low to mid 30s.

Water Level

Full Pool and rising

Water Temp

Low to Mid 50s


Fall Color Report: We are on the verge of peak season for colors right now. Looking around I would say we are at about 75% color at the moment so in about a week or so we will most likely be in peak color season. Sucker Report: As stated above in the Musky section, suckers are very tough to get right now. Combining the problems of a harsh winter, frozen ponds early in the year, current water conditions seeing excessively high water, and a high demand makes for a tough sucker year. We are doing everything we possibly can to get suckers in but everyone is coming up short this year. We apologize and we are doing the absolute best that we can do. Stay tuned each week for further updates on the sucker situation. We are hoping it will change for the better if things dry up a bit up here.

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