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Walleye have been a bit slower this week. They are still being caught but in fewer numbers it seems. Summer patterns are still holding with fish typically being deeper during the day and shallower around the weed edges at night. Leeches and Crawlers are still the bait of choice with a few fishermen having some mild success on larger fatheads. Leeches are still available this weekend although this looks to be the final delivery unless we get lucky. So come on in and get your leeches while you can. We do have a decent amount in stock but this will probably be it. During daylight hours trolling will most likely prove successful as the Walleyes will be most likely spread out over deeper areas. Use Berkley Flicker Shads and Rapala Shad Raps for trolling.


Musky have been on fire as of late both with casting and trolling. Casting has been very good during lower light hours (dawn and dusk) with surface baits and bucktails. Middle of the day has been very strong with trolling. Mattlocks and Big Jakes and Grandmas have been producing big fish. One client reported 7 fish trolling this past week.


Pike have been active but more so the smaller ones. They are sitting in weedbeds for the most part and hitting spinners and spoons. Some fishermen have reported success using Northern size sucker minnows.


The Crappie are more so around the cribs and brushpiles now as opposed to the bogs but they seem disinterested. Crappie are still being caught but guys that usually catch 30-50 Crappie per day are now catching like 10-18. So they are still hitting you just have to put a little more leg work in to get them to hit. Crappie Minnows and Crappie Scrubs have been the best producers this week thus far.


Smallmouth continue to be active especially on Ned Rigs. They are still sitting around shallower stumpy and rocky areas. Throw some Ned Rigs on and hit the spots and have fun.


Highs this week look to be in the high 70s to mid 80s all week long and lows will be in the high 50s to mid 60s. Expect some rain on Saturday and some Thunderstorms on Sunday.

Water Level

Above Full Pool

Water Temp

75 Degrees


Leech Report: We did get a decent size order of Leeches in this weekend but as stated in the Walleye section above this is most likely the final delivery of leeches. I could be wrong but it is looking that way. Stop on in and get them while you still can.

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