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Walleye have held steady on their summer patterns this week. It seems the size has decreased a bit over the last week. Throughout May a larger number of legal fish have been caught than in previous years but this week has gone back to a lot of 14.5 inch fish. Minnows are still a solid choice but now a lot of anglers are going toward leeches…both Jumbo and Regular. Target deeper areas with solid cover during the day and target that 6-12 foot zone off weed edges and breaks during lower light hours.


Overall Musky have been quiet but that is more due to the fact that not many folks are targeting them yet. Bluegills are currently spawning so I would imagine that most predatory fish like Musky are still lingering in the shallows following their food source. Smaller baits are typically more effective this time of year but you can start increasing size a little bit. Shallow runners and surface baits would probably be solid choices right now.


A lot of mid 20s pike have been caught this week. Live bait is still running strong, but spinnerbaits, larger beetlespins, and spoons are all solid choices. Fish the weeds in the bays…particularly on the far west side.


Crappie are now post-spawn. You may find some smaller males still in the bays in the shallow water but most of them are now post spawn and are in their transition between spawning and summer patterns.


This weekend looks to be in the mid to high 60s for highs and in the 40s-50s for the lows. As the week progresses temperatures will begin to warm up. By Tuesday the highs should be in the low 70s to mid 80s throughout the rest of the week. Expect some light rain on Monday.

Water Level

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Mid 60s

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