Fishing Reports



Walleye still seem to be biting if you are looking in the right place but the fish still seem to be on the smaller side. Water temps are starting to cool a bit with cooler nights and early mornings so weeds and breaklines around 6-13 feet have been productive during those times. During hotter times of the day deeper areas that are rich in baitfish are still the way to go. Bait selection this week have been a combination of leeches, crawlers, and minnows. A quick update on leeches....I still have a strong supply of Jumbos but regular leeches have gotten rotten. What I have now in stock for regular leeches will probably be it for the year. Jumbo leeches are still pretty strong at the moment surprisingly so I may have them for another week or two if we are lucky.


Musky action has been 50/50 this week. I have some fishermen reporting some decent action and others reporting very little if any. Those that are having luck seem to be really paying attention to the water temperatures and their graphs. Keep an eye out for baitfish and watch those water temperatures. The higher the water temps, the odds are the deeper those fish will go. When the water temps get cooler, a lot of folks have reported some really good action on Spinnerbaits through and off the edges of the weeds. If you see water temps climbing mid day switch gears from casting and troll deeper waters.


Pike have been pretty quiet this week again. Those that are having some success are using Tinseltails in the weedbeds--particularly on the West Side. Other than that things have been pretty quiet on the pike front.


Crappie fishing has gotten a bit better this week. Of course bogs at night are still a popular fishing spot with crappie minnows and various panfish plastics. However, during the day some folks have reported some success fishing deeper cribs and weeds.


Highs this week looks to range from the mid 70s to low 80s. Thursday we are expecting slightly cooler highs in the high 60s. Lows seem to be looking to range from the high 40s to the mid 60s throughout the week. Expect some storm activity on Sunday and Tuesday.

Water Level

slightly down a bit

Water Temp

mid 70s


Leech Update: As stated above in the Walleye section, regular sized leeches are getting small and really rotten. This will most likely be the last week of regular leeches barring a good shipment sometime in the coming weeks. So if you want leeches now is the time to get them. Shockingly Jumbos are still pretty strong and we may still have some in the coming weeks but with leeches you never know so the status will be updated from week to week. If you want leeches, make sure you stop in to get them before they are out of stock.

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