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Lake Chippewa Flowage Pike Improvement Project

Lake Chippewa Flowage Pike Improvement Project

Summer on the Lake Chippewa Flowage

A sparkling illuminating sun rise, warm south winds, the lake looking like a mirror, a clear blue sky, a crimson sunset dropping below the tree line, cool evening breezes mixed with the hoot of a cruising Loon. You are on your summer vacation on the Chippewa Flowage!

The season of summer is upon us and is being enjoyed by our visitors, guests, and vacationers who are experiencing many back to back days of sunshine, evening showers, and a wonderful afternoon breeze coming across the Chippewa Flowage.

Recreation on the Chippewa Flowage has been a delight for our summer visitors. Boaters, skiers, pontoons, rope swings, wave runners, canoes, kayaks, and tubers are enjoying the thrills of summer water activities. Most campsites on the Flowage have been occupied and folks living on the Lake can experience the call of the Loon, the flight of Eagles, the chasing of the chipmunk, and even a visit from a Black Bear on occasion. Loon chicks, Mallard ducklings, deer fawns, bear cubs, and infant skunks can sometimes be observed while on a slow moving boat or pontoon.

We are enjoying a excellent come back of the Blue Heron on the Chippewa Flowage after a devastating ice storm a few years ago, Herons can be observed flying over head between the heronry and a fishing area, perched on a swinging tree limb, standing in a striking potion over a fish filled pool, and lashing out with a screech when startled by your presence.

Outstanding fishing, boating activities, silent water adventures, hiking in the woods, wild animals on the alert, evening sunsets, observing new born creatures, birding, vacation photos, a trip to town and shopping, a purchase at the bait shop, cook outs around the cabin, renewing friendships from past vacations, maybe a trip to the Casino or a Powwow?

How about some of those summer events—-the “fishing opener”, the Musky Hunt fishing contest, Musky Festival, the 4th of July, parades, cranberry festivals, art shows, antiques, horseback riding, Championship Log Rolling, road races, bike races, the challenge of golf, star gazing, your favorite restaurant, sidewalk sales in town, Honor the Earth, water skiing, rope swings, a early morning cup of coffee out on your cabin’s deck.


Our Members

The maps below shows a general map of our members. Some of our members are in more than one category. ie. lodging and dining. Use the menus above to show lists of lodging, dining, etc.


Random Stories from the Past

Fish Cribs for Habitat - May 16, 2001

The Chippewa Flowage was created over 75 years ago. In those 75 years many trees and stumps that harbored food and shelter for fish have disappeared through natural decay. Realizing that structure must be replaced for a healthy fishery, the Lake Chippewa Resort Association, along with the Chippewa Flowage Area Property Owners Association started building and placing fish cribs in Flowage waters. Since March, 1996, 1,802 cribs have been built and placed by volunteers from these associations. No other lake associations in the Hayward area, State of Wisconsin, or possibly the nation can boast this kind of success. The financing came from donations to the “Adopt a Crib or Reef” program, memorial funds, raffles, fishing contests, collection jars at resorts, fishing clubs and the treasury of both associations. None of the money for this $20,000-plus project has come from government sources. This is an on-going project. Members of both associations are committed to preserving and enhancing this great fishery for current and future generations. If you are interested in supporting this effort, mail donations to: CFAPOA; Adopt-a-crib; P.O. Box 905; Hayward, WI 54843

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