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Welcome to the Chippewa Flowage

Spring Time on Lake Chippewa

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As the lake ice lets loose, the snow pack melts, and the swamps begin to swell with the diminishing cold nights and the sun radiating on south facing shorelines - we begin to recognize the start of the new season on the Chippewa Flowage.

The grace and majesty of this massive expanse of ice surrounded by a variety of tree lines, islands, in coming rivers and creeks, exposed shorelines, protruding tree stumps fields from the past, pressure ridges, and a deep and endless blue sky--one can only imagine what the new season will bring for each of us as we wait patiently for the day to arrive to enjoy this unbelievable gift in all her glory. For those of you who have never experienced the Chippewa Flowage -- be somewhere this season--join us on the Flowage.

A vacation on the Flowage with family and friends will have many guarantees; a wilderness experience like none other, miles of untouched shorelines, Eagles in flight, our famous and mysterious floating bogs, fish to be caught, animals in the wild, the hoot of an owl at night, the tremalo of a Loon guarding chicks, accommodating and experienced hosts at our resorts on the Flowage, a variety of evening dining spots, hiking, boating, kayaking, ATVing, summing, biking, canoeing, golfing, and swimming.

Call your friends and make your plans to visit your favorite stopping places on the Chippewa Flowage, Hayward Wisconsin, and help us celebrate our Summer Pin Tour!

A swimming black bear between island camp sites, a deer with her fawn on a island point, catching a 25 pound musky, meeting new friends for a life time, a youngster catching a Bluegill off the boat dock, enjoying a cabin you would trade your home for, finding a supper club you wish was closer to home, your children who are happy, safe, and secure, and a investment in the joy of being alive in these incredible outdoors - these are just a few of the possibilities for your next vacation.

Please consider the Chippewa Flowage, Hayward for your next vacation experience. Allow us to be your host and we will share a memorable Chippewa Flowage experience with you and your family.

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Outdoor Reports

A change in the weather

Musky and Northern Pike starting to hit it big

A change in the weather


Seasons changing and techniques changing

Do northerns and muskies really eat ducklings?

Max Wolter Reports:

Outdoors Report Early July

Here's what's happening:


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Fishing Report

Date: 2015-08-29


Walleye fishing is still a bit slow. They are catchable but you definitely have to put some work in. During the daylight hours, check out deeper areas of cover...brush, sunken bogs, and cribs and at night check out the weed and stump bar edges. Baits of choice are still nightcrawlers, beetlespins, and shallower running crank baits. Some folks are moving back to minnows. Also, while leeches are not available, the Uncle Josh Pork Leeches have been very popular this week. As per the weather section, the temperatures will be increasing this week so make sure you pay attention to surface temperatures. If surface temperatures start getting into the upper 70s...start considering fishing deeper. If they start increasing further into the lower are definitely going to want to fish deep cover for the Walleyes regardless of time of day.


Musky have been superb this week. All action thus far reported has been primarily on bucktails, but also some action on Bull Dawgs and various surface baits. Congratulations to Nick Nicklas on a 50 Inch Musky caught on the Chip with an Orange Bucktail and an Orange Blade...the largest recorded so far here at Jenk's this season. They are still following typical summer patterns. Stay out deeper and cast drop offs and weed edges.


Pike have been unusually slow lately with not much to report. My suggestion if you are looking for Pike is to fish the weeds with Northern Suckers or rip weedless spoons and spinnerbaits through the weeds.


Crappie have slowed down a bit since last week, but they are still relatively active. You will find them primarily on cribs and brush piles fishing with crappie minnows, Mini-mites, and Gulp! Plastics.


Largemouth Bass have not been excessively active and the ones that are being caught are either being caught in Moss Creek or on the west end of the lake. Smallmouth, however, are still going relatively strong on the far east side of the Flowage. Bass minnows have done very well along with nightcrawlers. For artificial baits, action has been seen on a variety of baits from spinners to frogs.


Expect an absolutely beautiful week in weather. From Sunday through Thursday expect clear and sunny skies with temperatures reaching a high in the mid 80s all week. Friday you can expect a front to come in but with temperatures still remaining constant.

Water Level

a couple feet down

Water Temp

Low to Mid 70s


Starting to head into prime time Musky season folks! A couple of quick notes here...there are only two Revo Toros left for this year's line before the new ones come out next month. If you still want to get a Revo Toro under 300 dollars, make sure you give me a call soon as they have been flying out the door. If you wish to get your hands on the new Revo Toro Beasts coming out next month, I am still taking preorders.