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Welcome to the Chippewa Flowage

The Fall Season on the Chippewa Flowage and area is where you want to be for fishing, fall color tour, a break from a busy schedule at home and work, a time with girlfriend/spouse/fishing buddy/a son/a daughter or just go "up north" for a long week end.

Fall is the wonder of color change in our forests and the migration of birds is a sight to enjoy. These are moments that must be experienced - - - join us on the Chippewa Flowage.

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As the daylight time becomes shorter, we begin to sense a shift in wind and the approaching fronts from the West----the Loons, local Canadian Geese, our Whitetail deer Black Bear, summer birds, Red Squirrels, Chipmunks, and many other home creatures are already in a sense of urgency-prepare for the inevitable change in weather and cold conditions that will decade upon the Flowage and area in the months ahead.

Musky fishing has shifted to a pattern for lake water turn-over, very cold water, strong northwest winds, dropping weeds, a increasing lake level and unpredictable dice weather - - - anglers know how to deal with the elements and dream about the potential for a fish of a lifetime.

Crappies are on the wood structure, schooled up, around planted fish cribs, and are feeding----the "slab crappie" is yours for the taking. Walleye fishing has been terrific all summer on the Chippewa Flowage----anglers followed a pattern of weed development, near deep water drop offs, and a search and find/catch mode. The fall pattern will be similar except; go deeper, locate fish on the bottom structure, use larger live bait, fish mid lake deep water humps, and be patient on the set before the hook set.

Be somewhere this Fall Season----come join us on the Chippewa Flowage and area!!

Thinking about snowmobiling yet?

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Fishing Report

Date: 2014-09-20


Not much has been reported on Walleye this week. From the little I have heard it seems they are going deeper and harder to find. Even some of the guides are a little stumped. If I had to guess they are probably in the transition period between summer habits and their deep winter holes. Best bet maybe would be to try a medium depth where there are some weeds or brush in 10-15 feet of water. Don't be afraid to fish a little deeper for them this time of year.


The Musky have been fairly active this week. Had several nice fish registered at the shop. There are still some fishermen fishing surface baits when the conditions are right for them, but the majority are moving to subsurface baits. The Black and Flowage Green Bull Dawgs and the Ty Sennett Vexer are still the most popular baits at the moment. However, CRANE BAITS ARE AVAILABLE!!! I know it took awhile, but just in time for Prime Time Musky Season. Currently in stock are the Crane 206 Jointed, the 305, and the 306. They have already started selling and word is getting out. This probably is the only delivery I will get for the season, so if you want one hop in and snag one up for fall fishing. One final note here, the sucker situation is very grim. I am currently trying to scramble to find a supplier that has a steady supply of suckers for the fall, but it seems the answer is the same everywhere. I will do my best to get suckers in for you all, but unfortunately I cannot make any promises. Your best bet will be to call me daily on the weekdays to check for updates, and if I tell you they are in, I would get here fast to make sure you get some.


Pike are still active and being caught mainly while Musky fishing. If you are looking for the bigger Pike to give you a nice thrill, check out the West Side of the lake in the back bays still with spinners, spoons, and Northern Suckers.


This week has seen a lot of Crappie action. The Crappies are still being found on the deeper brush piles and cribs. But they could start schooling up in Moore's Bay anytime now. Crappie Minnows have been very popular this weekend along with Mini-Mites and Gulp! 1 inch minnows.


This week is looking pretty nice. Other than Sunday, the rest of the week looks like mostly clear skies and in the 60s and 70s all week with lows only in the 50s. This would be a wonderful week to get away from the big city and enjoy a relaxing week in the Autumn Northwoods.

Water Level

Nearly Full

Water Temp

Mid 50s


Fall Color Report: The leaves are changing rapidly now. In a matter of days it went from very little color to a lot of fire reds, bright yellows, and blazing oranges. I would say we are about a week away from the peak of the Autumn color season. Expect the scenery to be absolutely beautiful for the next several weeks.