Have Pet Will Travel

Pet Friendly Lodging

petsFor many people, their pet is a part of their family. If you have a pet and want to bring it on vacation here are some helpful hints Using common sense and being prepared for any situation car help you avoid situations that may tarnish your vacation.

Before you leave home, visit your veterinarian. It is important that your pet has all his/her shots and is in good health. Another thing to remember when traveling with your pet is to have identification on your animal. A flat collar with I.D. attached is recommended. It may also be a good idea to have your temporary vacation contact included. Keep a copy of current vaccination records with you while traveling.

Check to make sure your travel destination is pet friendly. Not all vacation spots allow pets, and those that do, may charge an additional fee. Be sure to inquire about pet regulations when making your reservations. Will your pet be able to enjoy outdoor activity? And, hunters beware, if left to their own devices, hunting dogs may pick up the scent of a game bird or animal and take off on its trail. You may have a long trek ahead of you to follow your pet’s trail. Also, take into consideration your pet’s temperament. Does he become uncomfortable around strangers or in new surroundings?

Are there many indoor attractions you may want to see, where pets are not welcome? Usually crate-trained dogs travel easily. Let your vacation spot know if your pet is crate-trained. It may prove to be an advantage for you.

If your pet is not used to traveling, take him on some short trips to get him used to the idea of riding in a car. Even something as simple as a roadside stop for dinner requires planning when you have your pet with you. Remember that you should never leave your pet un-attended. Summertime can be a dangerous time to travel with your pet, as the risk of heatstroke is increased. Pets should NEVER be left alone in a closed car for any period of time. If your pet appears to have signs of heatstroke, contact a local veterinarian for immediate assistance. The Hayward area has two animal clinics: Care Animal Clinic and Hayward Animal Hospital. Whether you are on a day trip or a week long vacation with the proper precautions and advance planning your trip could be a truly whole family vacation.

Pet Friendly Vacation Destinations on the Chippewa Flowage Map