LCO Conservation Dept. – a Chippewa Flowage Asset!

The Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Conservation Department and its dedicated staff protect the resources within the Lac Courte Oreilles reservation and this includes the Chippewa Flowage, as well as many other bodies of water.

LCO Conservation and the LCO Fish Hatchery has involved itself in numerous conservation related projects that have benefited the Chippewa Flowage and those who use the resource. Among those projects are: fish stocking of walleye and musky within the Chippewa Flowage; fish habitat restoration; water quality monitoring; the Chippewa Flowage musky study; purple loosestrife eradication; on-the-water rescues; and, the Willow Island rebuilding project, plus much more.

Chuck Martin is the LCO Conservation Director and manages a staff of environmental quality employees and conservation wardens. LCO Conservation can be reached at 715-865-2329. The LCO Conservation and LCO Fish Hatchery are responsible for the majority of the walleye and musky stocked within the Chippewa Flowage since 1990. The breakdown is as follows:

Big Chip Walleye & Muskies Stocked by LCO

  • Walleye
  • Frye 1-3″ – 5,178,000
  • Fingerlings 3-6″ – 1,250
  • Extended Growth 10-17″ – 440
  • Total Walleye Stocked 1990-1998 – 5,179,690
  • Musky