Kayaking and the Eagles

By Kendra While I was up staying at a resort on the Chippewa Flowage for a week I went kayaking a few times. The kayak trip I remember the most was the last one. My mum, cousin and I were just paddling around when we saw this little closed off pond like area in the lake. While we were paddling into the little pond, an eagle swooped out of a nearby tree a mere 30 feet from us! My mum got very excited and started pointing at it as it flew off. We continued on hoping to see another one. We stopped rowing in the middle of the pond area and just sat listening to nature. We heard many, many eagle calls. We sat for about 5-10 minutes just listening. We didn’t see any more eagles but it was very peaceful and relaxing. I would definitely love to go up again for another vacation. Hopefully for longer than just a week.