Fish Clones – Replicas allow fish to grow for future challenges

Practice CPR (Catch, Photo & Release) for the fish of your life


Take a good photo of yourself with the fish, then a clear close-up photo of just the trophy fish. The photo is for color and particular markings that you may want reproduced on your trophy replica.

Measure your trophy fish from tip of the nose to the end of the tail for the correct length. Also, measure around the belly for the girth only if you have time. A quality Taxidermist should get as close to your trophy size as possible.

Once the size has been decided, the order is placed and the fiberglass form is molded to fit your needs. It takes 6 to 10 weeks to have the rough form sent to the Taxidermist, put in schedule, and proceed on the work. The picture shows a replica of a musky 47-inches in length, with a 23-inch girth. The picture shows the phase after the form has been carved out, seams filled and scale pattern in place. Eyes are set, fins, teeth and gills are securely in place. The replica is then cleaned up and painted white to pick up any blemishes. From this point on, like a wildlife artist, particular colors are added for depth to get the desired color. Finish gloss is then applied and the fish clone is complete and ready for your display. Remember, part of your great catch was the release. The fish has a chance to grow for future challenges.