Camping on an Island

Visitors are invited to camp on designated camping islands of the Chippewa Flowage. Make sure you are on these islands only. There is no charge to camp, and it is first come, first served. Please note leaving personal property, unattended, can’t reserve islands. The D.N.R. may confiscate unattended property or property located on NON-camping islands. Recognize the rights and privileges of others using the same public lands and waters. If someone is actively camping on an island already, move on. Don’t forget to keep your voices and music turned down; remember the unique acoustics of the lake. Be sure to take whatever you bring back with you. Never dump anything into the lake. Put litter in its proper place. Finally, don’t destroy nature. Always keep campfires in the designed fire-rings. Of course it is not permissible to cut down trees and remember deadfalls are part of the natural habitat of the island. Please respect the island residents and bring in your own firewood.

Members who offer camping