A Flying, Floppy, Fish Tale – By Ben Smith, kid fisherman

This is a story about a fish I caught. Today, July 29, 2001 we started our family fishing trip. 1 minute, nothing 2 minutes, nothing 3 minutes, nothing 5 minutes, nothing 10 minutes, BAIT GOT CAUGHT IN A TREE BRANCH OVERHANGING THE WATER.

Just as we were about to get the line to get it untangled, a BASS jumped up, took the hook that was over the fallen tree. The fish flopped over and over again. It jumped! STUPID! He helped get the line off the branch. He played easy against me. HE GAVE HIMSELF UP. We let him go after we caught him and so he swam away. THE END.

Bait: Frog Something
Fish Size: 13″
Type: Smallmouth Bass Weight: 1 lb.