As of Tuesday January 19th tickets for the event are available to the public and all registered vendors and exhibitors are listed as participating on the Canoecopia website.

80+ Presentations

-Don’t miss a speaker this year! Room sizes are unlimited and most presentations will be available for viewing up to 60 days after the event with your ticket purchase.
-You’ll be able to live text chat, direct message, and in some cases partake in live Q&As with speakers during and after their presentation.

70+ Exhibitors

-Explore exhibitor virtual booths, where you can text chat with exhibitors, watch product demos and see presentations from their shops, galleries, and factories.
-Exhibitors can share informational documents and have virtual meetings scheduled for attendees to talk with a representative, just like in-person Canoecopia.
-Some exhibitors will be offering free giveaways during the weekend so be sure to check out all the booths!

Great Gear!

-Take advantage of the best gear selection and availability of the year! Due to continuing supply issues and increased demand, some items may be in limited supply this year, so don’t delay on getting the gear you want for summer.
-There will also be special deals & incentives on gear for ticket holders.

Other perks…

-No parking fees!
-You can wear your pajamas!
-And for you shy folks, you don’t have to push through any crowds!