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Fishing Report / News
Date: 2015-05-24


Walleye fishing has been excellent the past few days. Lots of eater sized 15-19 inch fish are getting caught on humps and deep wood in depths of 12-25. The larger fish are on the shallower humps. Depths of 8-14. The presence of wood is generally a must. Weeds will begin to hold fish this coming week. The best locations will be in close proximity to deep water or river channels. Fishing brush/wood close to our on depth change is the ticket. Leeches and minnows are catching fish equally. A great approach is to fish leeches on slip floats and cast and retrieve jigs and minnows. Medium walleye suckers and larger fatheads have been much better than small minnows.


Musky will be located in the new weed growth. Structure near or inside spawning bays are great places to start. Jerkbaits, smaller bucktails and slow moving topwaters will get the go this weekend. Scouting out areas in advance to make sure they have good weeds is a must. Musky fishing should be fabulous this weekend with the warming trend we have taking place. This is a time of year when one good weed bed can hold numerous fish.


Pike action has been good on mid-depth bogs as well as in the shallow new weed growth. Cover lots of water with jerkbaits, spinner baits and large suckers. For the larger pike fish on the deeper weed edges or bog areas. 3-15 feet will be productive. The presence of bait fish is a must.


The crappie bite has been phenomenal around deep water humps and bog edges. Fish are sitting very high in the water column and can be caught casting jigs such a mini-mites, twister tails and gulp minnows. Fish a 1/32 ounce head if casting. Keep moving until you mark big schools of fish. Most of the time they will be 3-10 feet down over 15-25 feet of water. Most of the fish will be larger due to the fact that most of the smaller males are still in the shallows.


Look for largemouth around wood near river channels and warm water bays. Fish wacky rigged worms and compact jigs slowly around structure. Once again warm water and wood is the key to finding fish! Many largemouth will likely start to bed in the next few days. Most fish will bed in sandy/weedy areas with lots of wood! Smallmouth are bedding right now. Many small males will be roaming around productive areas and will be very active. Finding spawning beds on gravel/rock shorelines will yield larger bites. This pattern is much easier in the clearer areas of the flowage. Hay Lake and the west side are great areas to site fish. Tubes or stick worms rigged weedless will get lots of bites. This is as awesome time of year to get out and catch a lot of nice smallmouth. Get out and enjoy it. Make sure to take care of them and release them as the season in not yet open to keep fish.



Expect rain for the first part of the week around 3 days or so with temperatures remaining constant in the 60s and 70s during the day and dropping to the 50s at night. Later in the week expect sunnier days with highs of 80s during the day. Next weekend seems like it is going to be a great weather weekend!

Water Level

Full Pool

Water Temp



This week's fishing report brought to you by Tom Boley's Guide Service! The lake is now full pool. Lots of good weed growth has returned. The water temperatures are now warm at 62 degrees and the fish are biting. Musky opener is here and it should be another excellent week on the Chippewa Flowage. The bog has been a bit mobile the past couple days and is now seated south west of the bridge. Not currently a navigational issue. With Musky Season upon us, here at Jenk's we have a whole bunch of new and custom baits in at the shop including Black and Flowage Green and Crappie colored Bull Dawgs, Crappie and Black and Green Ty Sennett Vexers, Musky Mark Eat Me Lures, a huge assortment of Hook Look Bucktails, and a large assortment of Best American Tackle surface baits among many others. Stop on in and try out some of our new baits this season

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Eleven year old CJ from Illinois got a license and some good advice about hunting ruffed grouse from Jenk's Bait & Tackle. On Saturday 10/4/2014, CJ got his first ever ruffed grouse while hunting on public land in Sawyer County Wisconsin. Thanks Jenks Bait & Tackle!!!!

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