Chippewa Flowage Fishing Report

Fishing Reports

Date: 2016-04-29


While no major reports are in yet, the Walleye spawn seems to have happened already. That said, basing this information off past experience, you will probably find walleyes heading out of the river channels into deeper water. Try in river channels outside of Moore's Bay, the Chief Narrows, and Hay Creek Narrows. Also, during the day, feel free to try in between the Banana Islands using Flicker Shads, Bad Shads, Beetlespins, Bill Lewis Echos, and Walleye Minnows. Check areas with a lot of sunken brush and deep weeds around river and creek channels.


This time of year Pike tend to be more interested in live bait than they do in artificial. If Pike is your target of choice, try fishing the West Side, particularly Squaw Bay, Dagget's Bay, Musky Bay, and Chicago Bay using Northern Suckers or Chubs.


The Crappie spawn is not here yet. Smaller males are congregating in the bays, but the larger females are out deeper. If numbers are your goal, fish in bays with about 3-4 feet of water with some weed cover and you will run into the males. For fishing for more quality sized crappies, target deeper areas between 15 and 25 feet of water around cribs and brushpiles for the females.


Temperatures will be increasing throughout the week thru Tuesday. Tomorrow will see temps in the mid 50s for a high and they will increase thru Tuesday to the low to mid 60s with minimal cloud cover. We have some very pleasant weather on the horizon so far which should make for an upcoming enjoyable fishing experience on the flowage.

Water Level

Full Pool

Water Temp

High 40s to Low 50s


Opening Weekend is now a week away!!! Starting April 30th thru May 5th, Jenk's will be open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. On May 6th, the day prior to Opening Day, we will be open from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. Starting on May 7th, we will be open 7 days a week from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm for the duration of the season. No fishing reports have come in obviously due to the fact that we cannot fish for them yet, however the information I do have will be included in this report. This upcoming opener, you will see some pleasant changes to the shop. We have added new cabinets and countertops to add to the organization of the store as well as new displays to add more product to offer you all more choices in baits and tackle. In addition, we have a new size minnow we are offering that we began offering mid season last year. It is a minnow in between Large Walleye and Northern that we have named the "Bass Minnow Size" or as we like to call it around the shop, the Round Lake and Callahan Lake Special. I look forward to seeing you all this upcoming season and I am ready to help make your trip or trips up to Hayward the most memorable trip(s) to date. Thank you all for your continued patronage and I am excited I will be seeing all of you soon.


Outdoor Reports

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Remarkable fish were caught in the Lake Chippewa Flowage Resort Association sponsored Musky Hunt 2015.

When a 51 inch Musky was registered in the first morning of fishing it seemed the winner would be Mike Verway of Inver Grove Heights, MN. Only two other fish over 50 inches have been recorded in the past 17 years of the tournament. By afternoon it was bested by Robert Hummer of Beloit, WI registering a 52 inch monster......


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