Chippewa Flowage Fishing Report

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Date: 2015-08-22


Over the last week or so Walleyes have gone deeper due to increasing surface temperature. Now with the water temperature returning to the lower 70s, we can probably expect Walleyes to head back to their normal patterns. Fishermen are having luck on Nightcrawlers, smaller plastic worms, and small crank baits. UPDATE: Leech season is now officially over. Leeches are no longer available until next spring. But no worries...this year I have stocked a couple of substitutes for you. I have Uncle Josh Pork Leeches, Berkley Gulp! Alive Leeches, and Snag Proof leeches available as viable replacements for leeches.


Musky, like the walleye, were heading deeper while the water temperature was heating up. Now, with water temps in the low 70s, we can probably expect to find them again along or in the weeds again. Surface baits have seem to have done the trick lately in the evenings while subsurface during the day has been producing some results.


Pike have been rather slow. A few folks are catching them but they have been rather small. This could be due to the high water temperatures this week. Now that it has cooled down it is possible the Pike can pick back up again.


Crappie have been consistently active. Thus far the baits of choice have been Crappie Minnows, Chartreuse Shad Gulp Minnows, and Mini-Mites. They have been hanging around the usual Crappie spots (bogs, brush piles, cribs, etc.) but it seems out of the three the cribs have been producing the most action.


Smallmouth Bass have been very active on the east end of the Flowage. For live bait, crawlers have seemed to be the most effective and for artificial, frogs, plastic worms, and spinnerbaits have been popular. Largemouth Bass have not been as active. If you are going to fish for Largemouth, I would recommend casting spinnerbaits in the weeds.


The weather this week is so far seeming to be very nice. Saturday will see a high of 80 degrees and the rest of the week looks like it will be in the mid 60s to the low 70s all week with no rain forecast through Wednesday.

Water Level

A little below full pool

Water Temp

72 Degrees


As stated in the Walleye Section, leeches are no longer available and while I have leech substitutes available for you, if your inclination is to fish with live leeches bring them from home as there are no leeches available up here. Also, with Abu Garcia changing up their lines, there are only two more Revo Toro NaCl reels in stock until the new ones come out in mid September. So if you still wish to grab one of these great reels for under 300 dollars, stop on in and snatch up one of the few remaining reels. Also, my supplier has informed me that the new Revo Toros will be shipping around September 15th. If you wish to preorder one of these, give us a call so we can make sure you get one. They are going to be in high demand and preordering will be a better way to ensure that you get one as they may be difficult to get at first. And as always we will have them at our Jenk's everyday low prices.


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