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Date: 2015-10-05


The Walleye are starting to move a little bit. The water temperature is definitely cooling down and I would expect to see as it cools down further, the Walleye to get more and more active and aggressive. If you are going to be hunting for Walleyes right now, I would try a variety of spots from around weed edges and stumps on the shallow end, to deeper drop offs toward deep holes on the deep end. As far as baits are concerned, Crawlers would still be a good choice as well as Medium to Large Walleye Minnows.


The Muskies Inc. 38th Annual Tournament here in Hayward just concluded yesterday. Out of 434 entrants, there were 61 fish caught by 52 people. The largest being 48.5". Congratulations to Andrew Carlson of Woodville, WI for taking first place in the tournament. The Musky fishing has been very good the last month and a half or so. Now with water temperatures cooling down, start throwing larger subsurface baits as opposed to surface baits. There was a lot of action on Suicks this past weekend, along with Vexers, larger Bucktails, and Bull Dawgs.


With all the Musky fishing going on this past weekend, there was not much to report on the Pike fishing. I would assume to continue fishing weedbeds, but as temperatures drop, do not be afraid to drop some Northern or Large Northern Suckers or Creek Chubs in some deeper areas with weeds and brush.


Crappie fishing has been phenomenal from what I gather from fishermen this week...particularly in the Blueberry Flats and Chief Lake. A few fishermen report seeing the Crappies move into Moore's so expect the Crappie fishing this week to be very solid and enjoyable.


It is going to be mostly overcast this week through Friday and expect temperatures to range from the mid 60s on the high end to the low 40s and high 30s on the low end during the evening. We can expect to see scattered showers on Thursday.

Water Level

2.5-3 Feet down

Water Temp

62 Degrees and Dropping


Columbus Day weekend is coming up and from the way fishing has been it seems like it will be a great weekend to come up and enjoy some outdoors time. As we are nearing the end of the season, all of my big ticket items will be on sale. Don't miss an opportunity to get a great deal on a rod, reel, and/or Musky net at a great price!!!! Fall Color Report: The colors are now really maturing. I would say we are about at 50% color right now. It is a bit late but the colors are really starting to show right now. In about a week or two they should be completely full of color.


Outdoor Reports

Fall Crappies - Where are they?

They are HERE!

Remarkable fish were caught in the Lake Chippewa Flowage Resort Association sponsored Musky Hunt 2015.

When a 51 inch Musky was registered in the first morning of fishing it seemed the winner would be Mike Verway of Inver Grove Heights, MN. Only two other fish over 50 inches have been recorded in the past 17 years of the tournament. By afternoon it was bested by Robert Hummer of Beloit, WI registering a 52 inch monster......

National youth Muskie fishing event on Moose Lake

On September 17-19, Muskies Inc. and the Youth Conservation Alliance are sponsoring a National youth Muskie fishing event on Moose Lake, in Hayward Wisconsin.

Musky Hunt 2015 Starts Tomorrow!

Musky Hunt 2015 Starts Tomorrow. Good luck to all!

Muskies More Active

Stable weather helps set patterns


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