Chippewa Flowage Fishing Report

Fishing Reports

Date: 2014-08-24


Walleye have still been doing well mainly on Nightcrawlers in the evening. They are still biting on leeches but if you intend to fish with leeches bring some with you from home as leech season is now at an end and the wholesalers are out of leeches now. Fish weed edges and bars at night and deeper in sunken brush during the day.


Musky have really turned on this week mainly on surface baits. A lot of folks have reported a big increase in follows and strikes with a good number of them landing fish. Seems like the early morning has been the time lately to go out and fish for them.


Pike are still active as they have been all year on spinners and spoons, and many fishermen are still fishing with Northern Suckers. Larger Pike are found on the West End in Squaw Bay and Chicago Bay.


Crappie seem to have slowed down a bit. People are still fishing the bogs, brushpiles, and cribs, but while they are catching the roughly the same amount of quantity of fish, the size of the fish that are active has gone down. For bigger Crappie and other panfish perhaps try a little deeper.


Not much to report on Bass on the Flowage. Have not heard very much, however, the Bass on Round Lake have been doing very well. Success so far seems to be coming off of Crawlers and Large Walleye Suckers.


The weather this week looks like it will be a mixture of showers and sunshine. It will be hotter starting on Sunday in the Mid 80s and will progressively cool off as the week goes on.

Water Temp

Low to Mid 70s


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