Chippewa Flowage Fishing Report

Fishing Reports

Date: 2016-09-25


Walleye fishing has continued to be disappointing lately which is no surprise given the water temperatures. People are starting to catch a few more Walleye than in weeks past, but they are all small and under the limit. You can still fish for them around twilight around weed edges that border deeper drop offs, but I do not think the larger Walleyes will begin showing themselves until after the water drops another 5-10 degrees.


Musky fishing has been solid lately. They are not hitting on just one type of bait. There are a variety of lures that are still working including surface baits due to the fact that the water temperature is still in the mid 60s. They seem to be going in spurts. One day you will see nothing, and the next day you will see 3-5 fish. Still stay out a bit deeper and cast into the shallows. While a lot of fish are being seen coming out of shallower water, do not discount the drop offs. Make sure you adequately and efficiently cover the spots you are fishing.


Pike are still going strong, particularly on the West Side. They are still hanging out in weedbeds where there is plenty of smaller fish to eat. Fishing for them with suckers or artificial baits have both produced results. Tinsel Tails have produced a lot of action on them as of recent.


Crappie fishing has been solid but they are still not yet schooled from what I gather. A lot of fishermen are reporting they are spot hopping getting 2-3 Crappies and then moving on to another spot. Crappie action has been seen in a variety of different spots and in a variety of different types of structure. They have been caught deep in 19-20 foot cribs, on 15 foot mud flats, deep weed humps, or in shallow weed beds. While they are active...there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to their locations yet. I expect in the coming weeks with water temperature beginning to really cool we will see them school up and their locations will be a lot more predictable.


Largemouth action still seems to be slow, while the Smallmouth fishing seems to have stayed strong. The Smallies on Round Lake has really picked up on the cribs and they are really fat fish. On the Flowage, attempt fishing rock and weed edges with plastics, top waters, and shallow cranks.


Temperatures will seem to drop slightly this week with highs ranging from the mid 50s to mid 60s. Expect some rain on Sunday and Monday, cloudy on Tuesday, and clear skies Wednesday and Thursday.

Water Level

a little below full

Water Temp

Mid 60s


Fall Color Update: A few more leaves have changed color since last week, but nothing significant. It is still mostly green up here but that should change in the next week or two.


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