Chippewa Flowage Fishing Report

Fishing Reports

Date: 2014-09-28


Walleye have been tough this week. There have not been many folks fishing for them, and the ones that have been fishing for them have had trouble raising them. If I had to guess, the tough Walleye fishing is due to a transition between summer and fall patterns. If I had to give any advice, fish areas that are maybe between 18 and 25 feet with some kind of weed growth or brush at the bottom using crawlers or fatheads.


Muskie fishing has been decent. Some nice fish were caught this week...many of the fish reported to me were above 40 inches and were fat fish. Your best bet right now is to hunt for them with subsurface baits like Bull Dawgs, Vexers, Suicks, Crane Baits, etc. We do have Crane Baits back in stock right now. I have a few 206 Jointeds left and a decent amount of 305s and 306s left. Stop on in and we can outfit you with what you need. As far as Sucker fishing is concerned, as most, if not all of you know, Suckers have been very scarce this year. This week has been better than the rest but still a tough week for Sucker bait. I have been informed that Suckers will be a little more readily available this week but it has not been confirmed as of yet. Your best bet would be to call me periodically for updates on the Sucker situation.


Pike have been active as they have been all year. Your best bet for Pike is to fish in the weeds and on the bars with spoons and spinners. With fall approaching, don't be afraid to drop a smaller Northern Sucker to land some nice ones.


Crappie have been very active this week. At the beginning of the week they were found on cribs and brushpiles and now have started schooling up. They are schooled up in Moore's Bay and have also heard of a lot of Crappie action in the Blueberry Flats and Crane Lake. Go out with some Crappie Minnows, Mini-Mites, GULP! 1 Inch Minnows, and Tube Jigs and go out and have a ball. The Crappie Fishermen are reporting a lot of action!


Well just as we had great weather this past week, this week is just the opposite. Reports indicate that there will be rain everyday with the exception of Thursday and Saturday. Make sure you bring your rain gear up. Temperatures are going to range from the mid 50s to mid 60s all week.

Water Level

Nearly Full

Water Temp

Mid 50s to Low 60s


A quick update: I have been hinting at this throughout the year, and now it is official. Jenk's Bait and Tackle is now Federally Licensed to sell Firearms. I will not be stocking any guns, however, I can special order them for you without a problem. So if you are interested in purchasing any firearms, then by all means get in contact with me and I will be sure to help you out. My prices on firearms will be just as competitive as my prices on other high ticket items. I will also be offering to sell your firearms for you on consignment. So if there are any guns you wish to part with, I will be more than happy to offer that service to you as well. Thank you for your continued patronage and support of the shop and hope to see you all up here this fall for some trophy Musky fishing. Fall Color Report: The Fall colors look absolutely stunning up here. There is still a little green left on the trees, but the majority of the trees now are displaying full color and it is really a beautiful sight. If you are planning your trip around the scenery of Autumn Color, now would be a great time to come up.


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