Chippewa Flowage Fishing Report

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Date: 2014-11-01


Walleye are now heading toward their deep holes. If you plan on fishing Walleye, now that November is here, make sure you are fishing 30 feet deep or more with nothing smaller than Large Walleye Suckers.


Musky have been on and off depending on the day. The trend seems to be the less wind there is, the more action you get. If you do have wind, the best conditions are either a wind from the West or the Southwest. Obviously we are deep in Sucker season now so live bait is the preferred bait, and you are going to want to fish deeper in the narrows and river channels. Don't bother with shallow fishing this time of year. Head toward steep drop offs off of shoreline and bars, river and creek channels, and as said before anywhere where there are deep narrows. If you do plan on using artificial, use something that you can count down like a Bull Dawg.


Crappie have not been excessively active in Moore's Bay as of late, however, they have been active in the Blueberry Flats and Crane Lake this year consistently. The trick is to use your locator, find the bait balls, and then set your bait about 1 foot or so above the bait balls and you will find the Crappie.


Throughout the week it looks like we will be seeing the majority of the days in the mid to high 40s with one or two days in the 50s. Rain is forecast for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but should be clear the rest of the days.

Water Level

3 feet down

Water Temp

low to mid 40s


Now that we are in November, I will be moving to November hours. I will be here between 7:00 and 6:00 pm on the weekends (Friday thru Sunday), and closed Monday thru Thursday. Other than the scheduled weekends, I will only be open by chance or appointment only. Another reminder as well, the wholesalers are wrapping up the season and bait will not be readily available every week. I will be stocking suckers for the first two weeks of November, however, if you need an order of suckers larger than a dozen, you will need to let me know at least a week in advance as bait is not readily available due to the wholesalers wrapping up the season.


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