Chippewa Flowage Fishing Report

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Date: 2016-10-16


Walleyes have begun to become a bit more aggressive as of lately, but they are not in their fall feeding frenzy just yet. The water is still a bit warm. Some folks are still using crawlers for bait but more and more fishermen are switching back to larger minnows as we have been progressing in the fall season. Drop offs near stumpy areas have proven effective around twilight hours.


Musky fishing has been fairly decent. Most fish are either being caught on Suckers, Jerk Baits, or Twitch Baits. With the water being as warm as it is make sure you baby your suckers a bit more than usual for this time of year. In the water they seem ok but make sure they are properly aerated and kept in a cooler temperature to ensure longer survivability.


Crappies are schooled up in Moore's Bay and the Blueberry Flats, but while they are being spotted with fish finders and sonar, their activity level has not matched the numbers seen on the fish finder screens. This is possibly due to the nicer weather we have been having these last few days. Crappie minnows, Gulp! 1 inch minnows, and Mini-Mites still seem to be the baits of choice for the Crappie.


Not much bass action has been reported on the Flowage, but on Round Lake the Smallmouth are doing VERY well. Using a 4 to maybe 5 inch sucker in the cribs on Round Lake have been producing impressive numbers of quality sized smallmouth bass.


Despite some storms possibly rolling through on Monday, this week seems like it will be a blockbuster week for weather. The temperature looks like it will be in the low to mid 60s through Wednesday and then dip a little bit into the low 50s or high 40s for Thursday. These are some great temperatures for late October here in Hayward. Expect a very pleasant week.

Water Level

2 feet below full pool

Water Temp

52 Degrees


I apologize for the late fishing report this week. I was out of town for the Spring Show putting in orders for next season already. Stay tuned to our Facebook Page and Fishing Reports for updates on the new items that will be arriving in the store this upcoming year. Every so often I will put out some teasers as to what new items will be here for you all next spring. FALL COLOR REPORT: Usually by now the leaves are primarily off the trees already but we still have a ton of leaves on the trees. The colors are absolutely beautiful and this coming week and weekend would make for a really scenic trip up to Hayward.


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